Speaking at Europython 2015

I am excited to speak about automated documentation strategies and information curation best practices at Europython 2015. While I speak at a few conferences a year, this conference is special for me for a few reasons.

First, it is the first Python-centric conference I will speak at. I love Python. I consider it the language I really cut my teeth on as a developer. As I said in one presentation, “If Python were a person, and walked into this room right now, I would unabashedly make out with it.” Maybe inappropriate, but still, I think it conveys my feelings when I get to work in it.

Second, I love documentation and exploring new strategies to get it done. It’s one of the most critical steps in the maintainability of a software project. Like saving for retirement, it is sometimes an afterthought and doesn’t happen. And, like saving for retirement, if we can automate it, it is much more likely to be successful.

Third, and most terrifying, this talk will be given in Spanish. This is my first non-English talk. Ever. I did propose an English version, and the conference had an option to propose a talk in a different language. So I did.

I proposed a talk in my non-native tongue because at every conference I have attended, someone has given a fantastic presentation in English when it was not their native language. To these brave individuals, I am very grateful. They have shared insights and knowledge that otherwise would have been lost on me had it not been in English. At times, it was broken, or not correct, but they made an effort to step outside their comfort zone to help me, and everyone in that room, be a little better.

This is one opportunity where I can return the gesture. In general, speaking at conferences does not worry me. Speaking in Spanish in front of a very technical group makes my stomach do flip-flops.

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